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Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Everett!!

It's Everett's birthday!! Happy Birthday!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Showered with love!

This past weekend our good friends Amy, Neva, and Melanie co-hosted a baby shower at Amy's house. It was wonderful! The food was fantastic, the weather was beautiful, and the generosity of our guests was amazing. Thank you all!

We received some much needed items for the baby, including diapers, clothing, toys, and various feeding, bathing, and good health accessories. In addition to Grandma Gill's homemade booties, we were overwhelmed by more beautiful homemade items including a crocheted blanket made by our friend Melanie, a flannel blanket made by our friend Neva (who is also mommy to Zuzu's newly born friend, Alana), and a baby item organizer made by my Aunt's sister-in-law, Janet. My Mother also brought some special items: my baptismal gown and a crocheted blanket that she made so many years ago in which my sisters and I were brought home from the hospital.

We were fortunate that my parents, sisters, and Everett's Mom were able to attend to shower. One of the hardest things about this pregnancy is being so far away from our families. Both Everett and I are close with our extended families and having the baby here in Nashville away from all of them is hard on us. Thankfully, however, we have some good friends who function as our family locally.

With so much family around the country and so many good friends in Nashville, I have no doubt that Baby Zuzu will feel the love wherever s/he goes! We know we do. Thanks.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Top Ten

Here are the top ten things that make this pregnant lady chuckle:

10. Finding all sorts of fun t-shirts to wear featuring slogans such as "coming this spring", "filled with love", "beauty, brains, and belly", and "belly dancer".

9. Observing the reaction of strangers as they notice I'm pregnant by glancing quickly at my stomach then looking away quickly as if I didn't notice, all the while smiling.

8. Noticing new moms with their newborns look at me in the eyes while giving me a great big knowing smile.

7. Watching Everett "teach" the baby to count.

6. Singing songs to Zuzu on the way into work and making up lyrics when I can't remember them.

5. Feeling Baby Zuzu "swim" from one side of my belly to the other (this is not the same feeling as the kicking and punching that goes on too).

4. Seeing Baby Zuzu "swim" from one side of my belly to the other.

3. Noticing that I've started to waddle down the hallway in a stereotypical pregnant lady fashion.

2. My sisters' and Mom's reaction to feeling the baby kick through my tummy.

1. Being pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Getting Ready

With at least 10 weeks to go, we're starting to get some details together for the baby's arrival.

We bought the cutest little outfit for the baby's homecoming from the hospital - seriously, have you ever seen anything so darn cute? Yes, the mommy in me is coming out stronger every day, and by this I mean everything associated with my baby will be the cutest thing ever! The best part about this outfit are the booties. They were knit by Grandmother Gill. The stitch she used is so tight, small, and perfect. The booties are quite soft to the touch and the yellow ribbons make them bright and perky and make me smile. Words cannot express how touched I am that she spent time making them with love for her newest great-grandchild. Thank you, Grandma Gill.

This weekend we gathered all the money-saving coupons and free vouchers for baby medicines and toiletries I've been collecting and stocked up! My mother in law Sherrill got us started at Christmas with some of the essentials, and we're slowly gathering the rest. Thanks to all the Moms (including my own!) I know for giving me tips on what to have on hand when the baby is born.

We also worked a bit on getting the house ready for company! The attic is starting to look more like a guest area than a storage facility!

Finally, we painted some stuff for Zuzu's room. A yellow moon and star for the wall and wooden planks and supports for a green and yellow bookshelf we're building to hold all of Zuzu's books! We'll post some pictures of the nursery soon. It's really coming along!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Baby Parking

Here are some pictures of Baptist Hospital where we'll be welcoming Zuzu into the world. Well actually the picture is of the parking garage. Why the garage? Well I took a bunch of pictures while I was driving to work this morning (Zuzu, don't ever do that!) and so I had to post whatever turned out decent. The picture below is one of the special Mom-in-labor parking spots. It's right next to the entrance to the hospital wing with the nursery/birthing rooms. So exciting!

At our childbirth class tonight we learned about labor and delivery. And relaxation techniques. Breath in 1-2-3, breath out 1-2-3-4-5-6. I'll just leave it at that.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

What's it like

I often think about what it is like to be pregnant. I know this may seem weird, but I haven't been able to put into words exactly the way I feel. I've met some women who claim that they loved being pregnant. Do I love being pregnant? I suppose it depends on how you phrase the question.

I don't love my backache. I don't love the multiple trips to the ladies room, day and night. I'm not particularly fond of my leg cramps that overtake my body for minutes at a time. And I don't like being so tired all the time.

But I do love that I am carrying a new life within me that is half me, half the man I love. I do love that I can feel my baby growing inside of me, one kick at a time. And I especially love envisioning a future world in which Zuzu lives.

So do I love being pregnant? Tell you what, I love being here for my child, no matter what.