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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Welcome to the World, Zoe!

This Saturday we had a welcoming party for Zoe at our house. We had about 30 friends over to celebrate our becoming parents. We asked people to think of some advice to give to Zoe. We had a journal for folks to record their words of wisdom and we plan on giving it to her on her 16th birthday on May 31, 2023! That's a long time from now, but some advice is timeless!

Zoe was very good, smiling and letting everyone hold her. She showed off how good she could kick when laying on her back and how loud she could be when she got too tired to be awake! We put her to bed at her usual time of 6:30 and she slept like an angel until her usual mid-morning wake-up call to Mom at 3 am.

In addition to all the advice that was going around, we had a lot of food! Everett smoked a pork loin and some deer and we grilled out sausages and bratwursts. I made a double decker mint chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting. And everyone brought some food to share. I think our picnic table was creaking under the weight of everything!

In addition to the adults and the Zoe-ster, there was 1 other baby, 1 child, and about 16 dogs! Well maybe not 16, but as far as Colmar was concerned there were too many! Poor little kitty was a little tense! But all the dogs were really very sweet.

As the night grew darker, we lit a fire in our fire pit and the party continued into the wee hours of the next day.

All in all, a fun time was had by all, including the guest of honor, Little Miss Zoe!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Playing Footsie

Zoe's getting good at grabbing everything and putting it in her mouth. When I change her, she grabs onto my arm and with all her might tries to eat my arm. She loves chowing down on her burp clothes or any toy that she can manage to get near.

She particularly loves this cow toy. The plush purple cow is tethered to a yellow plastic ring that is easy for her to grab. She got the toy from the Waldrons. You can see Zoe attempting to eat Chris's arm in the picture! They came up to visit us in August and we had a blast! You can see Finn looking at Zoe. He was very sweet to "Baby Zoe" as he kept calling her. Moira has given me a lot of good advice about being a new Mom. When Zoe was just born, we had a lot of questions about what was normal ranging from how many times can one little baby poop to what could I do to pass the time during the day with Zoe. We asked Moira all sorts of questions and she always pulled through with great advice. Thank goodness for close friends!

The video below shows of Zoe's grabbing prowess! She not only grabs her toy, but has started to grab her feet!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I know my daughter!

I told Everett that Zoe rolled over on her own, but he doubted me! Something about me being a non-biased reporter and a tiny little itty-bitty hill that should have gotten the credit. But I was right!

This morning at day care, the woman who watches Zoe told me that she turned over all day long on Wednesday. And sure enough, I placed her on her back and she keeled over onto her right side and then kicked her left leg right over and she found herself kissing the floor - until she lifted her glorious neck up to look all around. She stayed like that for a while, a bit like a turtle on its back, because she hasn't mastered the art of rolling back over. But one step - or turn - at a time!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

And the hill with the assist

This weekend we made it to the State Fair and had a lot of fun! This picture was taken by Will who joined us in the merriment. We're standing in front of the big pumpkin weigh off. The winner was a monster at 1,065 pounds! But wouldn't you be a wee disappointed if you got second place because your pumpkin weighed a mere 5 pounds less?! These were really big pumpkins that would make for killer jack-o-lanterns!

Remember when I said we were always a bit concerned when we were out that she would start crying or that feeding time would come too quickly. Now that Zoe is older, she is so much better when we're out and about as she can entertain herself quite nicely, thank you very much! Her new favorite toy is this purple cow stuffed animal that is attached to a yellow ring that she can hold and stuff into her mouth. I'll have to get a picture of that! Well Zoe can only take so long sitting in her car seat/stroller, or being carried in the baby bjorn or by Mom or Dad. This girl's gotta kick! So we lay her on the ground wherever we are (on a blankie of course) for her to get her exercise.

This weekend, I laid her down on the ground at the fair and she started to eat her cow when she rolled over onto her side. She does this a lot and has been doing this for a while. Well this weekend she rolled all the way over! That's right - right onto her belly! I was so happy that I looked around for Everett who had gone to get us some tea and I put her back on her back and BAM - she rolled onto her tummy again! I told this to Everett when he came back, but he burst my excitement bubble by pointing out that we were on a bit of an incline. I'm not talking about anything precipitous, but there was a tiny bump that we were sitting upon. But hey, if we didn't accept a little help in this world, we'd never get very far! So I vote for Zoe's first successful turnover (without intervention from any person) to have happened this weekend!

They grow up so fast!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Feed me

We told you Zoe was getting grabby! Last night she took hold of her bottle and held it up while she drank from it! As you can tell by the video, she can't do it for very long, but she can do it. Pretty soon she won't even need us anymore!

Monday, September 10, 2007

The time is now

Time is funny. Days go by so slow, yet weeks fly by. We're always in a rush to get to the next thing. When is the work day going to be over? Is it Friday yet? When is the Thanksgiving holiday going to be here? What about all the days in between?

Every day Zoe changes. One day she's laying as an independent wiggle worm in her crib, unresponsive to the outside world; the next she's giggling, looking at you, and interacting with toys and people. And the time just whizzes by.

I have to say that when she was a newborn, I was looking forward to the Zoe we now experience. I was waiting for her first smile, the first indication that she knew who I was. I needed some validation from my little one. I couldn't wait for Month 3 and all the social interaction it would bring.

And Month 3 is great! Now when I get her in the morning I am greeted with the biggest smile! On the weekends, when we can lie in bed together "talking" about her toys or my glasses or the wind rustling the trees outside, I can get her to laugh - an honest to goodness laugh! Finally, I have a baby who I knows me! I have my validation!

But I miss some things about my newborn. Her wrinkly skin, her constantly furrowed brow as if she was deep in thought, her tiny little yawning mouth. Not that I miss everything about the first few months. It got tough sometimes...and it was definitely stinkier! Yes, newborns "go" way more than babies!

But all this makes me realize just how temporary time can be. Before I know it, Zoe will be all grown up. And laughing with Mom on a Saturday morning about wind in the trees will be a joke in itself.

Validation in all forms will come as she grows older, but the time for being together "as is" is now. I hope I can remember that.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Chillin' out

Zoe's been working hard learning to keep her head up and grasping objects.

She's been doing well with her head for a while now, but lately her progress is just accelerating. She loves sitting upright, held by either of her parents or propped up with pillows. Also, she's started to lift her head forward when she's sitting in her car seat to get a better look at the world.

This weekend was the first time I saw her actually grab something, other than a burp cloth or her clothing, and attempt to put it in her mouth! The little toy that is attached to her mirror found its way into her hand - or shall I say her death grip! She yanked on that toy so hard that she almost ripped the mirror right off the side of the crib where it's tied up! She's a strong one!

And because she's been working so hard flexing her neck muscles and figuring out how her hands work - and because Everett is a master stager of photographs - we decided that we should let Zoe relax a bit this weekend. Here's a picture of her just chillin'*.

* No babies were harmed in the taking of this photograph.