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Monday, October 08, 2007

Goodnight air

One of my favorite nighttime rituals is reading to Zoe. She doesn't quite get it, but she enjoys listening to the cadence of our voices while she looks at the pictures and plays with the book by turning the pages.

I love to read her Goodnight Moon while Everett's favorite is The Barnyard Dance. We each have our way of reading to Zoe and cherish the time spent doing so.

The books are kind of fun for adults too. For a while, every time I read Goodnight Moon, I'd notice something different in the drawings, like the clock showing a later and later time as the book progressed and it got darker. And the picture in the nursery of a rabbit fly fishing caught me so off guard when I noticed it that I laughed out loud and called for Everett to come see it!

Ah yes, reading is fun for everyone!


At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of Zoe! Almost looks like she is reading along! I remember all the books we read to you. Where does the time go? Pretty soon she will be reading for you! It's just so amazing to see how much she has grown. I just can't wait to hold and kiss her!
Grandma B


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