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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mushy Mommy Brain

They say that one "side effect" of pregnancy and new motherhood is forgetfulness, or as Everett calls it mushy mommy brain. Well it's apparent that I still suffer from this malady!

We met Yvonne at my Dad's work and she is a wonderful, forgiving, person who even if I forgot her name, I still remember her beautiful essence!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gobble Gobble!

Oh what a delicious holiday we had! All the turkey and fixin's consumed made up for the many miles that were driven over the week!

We left on Friday at Zoe's bedtime and drove through the night. The thought was that Zoe would be asleep the whole drive and thus make our drive easier. Zoe did sleep the entire 9 or so hour drive, but that meant that when we arrived at Grandma G's at 4am, Zoe was ready to play while Mom and Dad wanted to sleep! So on the drive back, we left at 1 in the afternoon. I spent the afternoon in the back seat entertaining Zoe while she was awake until she went to bed at her usual bedtime of 6pm. We got home at 10:30pm, but we all were ready to sleep some more. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

We stayed at Grandma Gill's for the first couple days. Zoe was so excited to see her Grandmother! Grandma G, Zoe, and I had fun playing together as Everett tiled the hallway. Yes, Everett tiled the hallway and part of a small room in Grandma G's house. I do have a "before" picture, but no "after" picture. But trust us, it looks good!

I then left on the 3 hour drive to my parent's house where Zoe was smothered with love from her Papa, Grandma B, and Auntie Tara. As you can see, Zoe loves her Papa:

And her Grandma sure can make her laugh:

While there, Zoe had her first Disney experience! We went to EPCOT one night and had a blast! We ate in Germany and listened to the entertainment of a full German Band, complete with large horns and bells!

By this time, Thanksgiving was upon us and I drove back up north to Granny and Granddaddy Gill's place for a Thanksgiving feast shared by the whole Gill clan. On the way, Zoe and I stopped at my Dad's work for lunch where he showed off Zoe to everyone there, including Yvonne, while completely ignoring me!

Thanksgiving day was so much fun at the Gills. Unfortunately we forgot the camera at Grandma G's house so I don't have any pictures of the big dinner with some 30-odd adults and kids running around, enough fried turkey to feed an army, smoked pork, mac-n-cheese, dressing, peas, 'taters (white and sweet), and too many yummy desserts to name here. Luckily, Granny was prepared and we snapped these pictures with her camera. Zoe loved meeting and playing with all her cousins! And you can see, that when Zoe got tuckered out, Granny was able to rock her to sleep as only a Granny can do.

Friday, November 16, 2007

I should have knocked on wood

Advertencia means warning in Spanish. It was the title of the previous post because the warning label on her car seat is so prominent in the picture that it's kind of funny. Little did I know I was actually trying to warn myself!

So Zoe does not take to everything she eats. She's not a big fan of corn. How do I know this? The same way her Daddy and the day care folks know it: she's was acting a bit cranky. And that's a generous description of her behavior! Poor thing cried and fussed all day yesterday and night. However, this morning she woke up playing and laughing in her crib so I believe the tide has passed on this episode of fussiness.

What's weird is that so many people have told Everett and I about the "dangers of corn". Evidently it's not so easy on one's digestive system, and Zoe's reaction to it was pretty typical. Hmmm, you think someone would have mentioned that babies and corn do not mix.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


"Hey Mom!" I think that's what Zoe was thinking when this picture was taken!

She's holding this pumpkin rattle ("Baby's first Halloween") that she loves to eat and swing around. It's currently in the wash, along with her cow rattle and her new hippo stuffed animal from the Zoo. We are driving down to Florida on Friday so I'm hoping she's forgotten a bit about those toys so they'll be brand new to her, and thus hold her attention, during the car ride.

Yup, another holiday is upon us, Thanksgiving. And we've been preparing Zoe for this thankfully delicious holiday by introducing her to all sorts of yummy foods. So far (cross your fingers), Zoe hasn't refused anything. She eats real well! In addition to her cereal, she likes carrots, sweet potatoes, sweet peas, green beans, squash, corn/squash, and applesauce. Her food comes in these little containers and sometimes she finishes it all, sometimes she doesn't. When she doesn't, I mix whatever is left with cereal for her next meal. She loves sweet pea cereal and squash cereal and green bean cereal and ... you get the picture. It may not be the quintessential baby cereal (Cheerios), but it sure makes for a breakfast of champions!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

California Dreamin'

Zoe experienced her first academic conference! The annual Society for Neuroscience conference was held in San Diego, CA this year. Everett and Zoe joined me and we made it into a mini-vacation. The first stop was the San Diego Zoo where we saw pandas (my favorite), hippos (Zoe's favorite), goats (Everett's favorite), and all sorts of other birds and monkeys. We also saw a cool sea lion show. Here's Zoe enjoying her new friends, Mr. and Mrs. Hippopotamus!

We made it to La Jolla on the last day. It was a bit cloudy, but the ocean smelled wonderful. I forget how much I miss the ocean being in land-locked Tennessee. The fact that it was overcast on the day we went just reminded me even more so of home on the Cape. It's funny how you start to appreciate things as soon as you don't have access to them anymore.

This was Zoe's first beach experience! I think you can see from the pictures and the video below that she felt right at home near the water. It was a bit chilly, but Zoe didn't seem to notice. She just hung on tight and enjoyed the ride of being thrown up into the air by her Daddy. She gets such a kick out of that! I think she's going to like roller coasters when she gets older!

Along with the surfers that frequent La Jolla (check out the surfers in the video), the beach is also home to a group of seals where they hang out in a bit of an oceanic cul-de-sac. Those blackish lumps behind Zoe on the bottom picture are actually seals! Although we didn't count, I bet there were about 100 of them just hanging out on the beach, playing patty cake with one another, going into and out of the water, and limping/crawling across the beach.

Finally, the big question that everyone asks - how was she on the 4 and a half hour plane ride? On the way there, she was an angel! The flight left at 5:30 which is close to her bedtime. She laughed a bit, but slept for most of the ride. On the way home, we had a 2:30 flight. 2:30 is not near her bed time. Let's just say you should be grateful that you were not sitting in the row in front of us!

Friday, November 09, 2007

New toy

I know we haven't updated this in over a week, but we were away. We'll post again soon on our California adventure, complete with pictures and video. But for now enjoy this picture of Zoe enjoying her newest toy: the excersaucer! She loves playing with all the gadgets, spinning the wheels, eating the turtles, pulling the butterflies, turning the pages in the book, and all the other cool things you can do in this thing. She can also bounce about, although her legs are not quite strong enough yet to take full advantage of that feature. Soon enough, grasshopper, soon enough.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Although we didn't trick-or-treat this year with Zoe, we still had some Halloween fun!

On Saturday, we went the the Franklin Pumpkin Festival. We had fun showing Zoe off in her cute pumpkin costume! We ate chili for the "chili cook off" contest and Everett and I voted for different "best" chilis. Turns out the one I voted for had gator and venison in it! We also had a good time looking through the various arts and crafts booths that were there.

On Sunday, we went to Amy and Dave's 8th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party! Zoe was a little fussy, but she eventually fell asleep in her stroller as Everett carved out our pumpkin. He carved a regular pumpkin face on the front and the mathematical symbol pi (as in pi = 3.14....) on the back. Get it? He carved out a pumpkin pie!

On Halloween, we had Amy over for dinner to help us pass out the treats to the kids. We didn't get as many trick-or-treaters this year, but the ones who did come were really very cute! We watched Poltergeist on TV. I didn't think it was as scary as it was creepy and weird. Who would stay in such a house for even one more night?! I won't say anymore in case you haven't seen it or you don't remember it, as I didn't last night. That wasn't the case with Everett: he was quoting the movie better than the actors were!

All in all, a fun and spooky Halloween was had by all!