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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Curly Q

Zoe's hair is finally coming back! She was born with a ton, but then lost it which is pretty typical for newborns. But now she's got a field of golden locks on top of her head! The hair is very fine, super soft, and when the sun hits it just right, it looks golden. Not sort of golden, not yellow, but real honest to goodness golden color. It's so shimmery and soft that I may just never let her get her hair cut! She also has the most delightful curls! I tried to capture them in this picture - and you can see her little curls jutting out on the sides of her head - but the picture barely does any justice.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Tooth Day!

Zoe finally got her first tooth! It happened exactly a week before her first birthday. Who-hoo! We had joked that she would be walking before she got teeth, and sure enough she began walking a month before those first pearly whites! Or rather, pearly ridges! The one little tooth just pokes out through her pink lower gum - it's the middle right one that made the Great Teeth Debut.

As it happened, she got her first tooth at her first, first birthday party! A lot of firsts, I know. Two other girls in her daycare class turned 1 around the same time so we had a joint birthday party at the Nashville Zoo. One family brought the cake, a second family brought the drinks, and we had the grandiose assignment of brining the paper goods! Almost all the kids from the daycare class showed up, as well as some of our non-daycare friends. It was funny - there were about 9 strollers lined up around our picnic table and someone made the comment, "Remember when we used to gather around our bikes when we were kids, then cars when we were teenagers, and now we gather around strollers!" Ah, the circle of life!

We are now fancy schmancy members of the Nashville Zoo! It's a fun place to stroll around and Zoe is really getting into animals now. She says "kitty" at home (poor cats) and I think she may be saying "dog" as well, but it's so hard to tell. She likes to point at the animals, look at us, and then laugh! They also have a huge outdoor play ground with an area especially for toddlers (she's in the area in the top picture). She runs around or crawls in this huge play pen and attempts to avoid the other children running around like wild animals! I think it'll be good for her! A little "on the job training" for her future life as a walker!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Quick Post

Everett counted 26 steps in a row this weekend! She's really movin' now!

And I know you want to see more pictures and more videos, but what can I say? So exhausted at night and on weekends; it's hard to find the time to upload pics onto the computer then onto the internets.

But, I do have this picture handy: it's the Gills, Simpsonized! Everett did this back in the fall. Notice the attention to detail: Zoe's one sock (because the other one tastes so good), Everett's shirt (because it has to be a loud Hawaiian one), and my earrings (a gift from Everett and Zoe on my last birthday).
You can Simpsonize yourself here.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm walkin', yes siree

Here we are, in Zoe's last month of her first year post-womb. What a crazy 11 months it's been!

I know it's been a while since we've posted. What can we say? Life got in the way.

So what have you accomplished since our last post on March 28th? Well whatever you've done, I think that Zoe takes the cake for accomplishments! I guess she should since there's so much she has to learn! Case in point: this is the start of an entry I wrote 2 weeks ago:

Zoe has accomplished so much since the last post:
  • she is about to stand on her own,
  • she "cruises" between objects (walks while holding onto objects),
  • she can walk a bit while holding onto Mommy or Daddy's hands, and
  • she eats like a champ - real food too. She doesn't really eat baby food anymore. If she can't hold it and shove it into her mouth, she doesn't want it! Here's the funny part though: no teeth. Not a one. The doc said they were in there somewhere!
Well all that is still true, but now she walks on her own! I started counting her steps and last Friday I counted two independent steps. Two days ago I counted twelve, then eighteen! Now there's no need to count since she's a walker! How fancy is that?! (Still no teeth.)

We are also off formula and onto whole milk - in a sippy cup no less! Yup, no more bottles either (well, we do give her one right before bedtime for snuggling).

She is also climbing onto everything now and walking or crawling all over the place. She loves going from the living room to her room to our room. And she laughs. About nothing. At least I can't figure out why she's laughing most of the time. And she talks. And talks. And talks. (I'm sure that doesn't surprise any of you that my and Everett's child likes to talk!) Although we think she's saying "momma" and "dadda" purposefully sometimes, there are no real words yet. But boy do all sorts of noises come out of her - it sounds as though she's having a real conversation!

When she gets into her giggly/talking fits, I just stare at her and try to etch those moments in my mind. Pictures and video are great for capturing those moments to show others and to remind yourself later, but there's nothing comparable to being completely immersed in your child's world, just taking it all in, and wishing you could forever be in that moment.