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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Tooth Day!

Zoe finally got her first tooth! It happened exactly a week before her first birthday. Who-hoo! We had joked that she would be walking before she got teeth, and sure enough she began walking a month before those first pearly whites! Or rather, pearly ridges! The one little tooth just pokes out through her pink lower gum - it's the middle right one that made the Great Teeth Debut.

As it happened, she got her first tooth at her first, first birthday party! A lot of firsts, I know. Two other girls in her daycare class turned 1 around the same time so we had a joint birthday party at the Nashville Zoo. One family brought the cake, a second family brought the drinks, and we had the grandiose assignment of brining the paper goods! Almost all the kids from the daycare class showed up, as well as some of our non-daycare friends. It was funny - there were about 9 strollers lined up around our picnic table and someone made the comment, "Remember when we used to gather around our bikes when we were kids, then cars when we were teenagers, and now we gather around strollers!" Ah, the circle of life!

We are now fancy schmancy members of the Nashville Zoo! It's a fun place to stroll around and Zoe is really getting into animals now. She says "kitty" at home (poor cats) and I think she may be saying "dog" as well, but it's so hard to tell. She likes to point at the animals, look at us, and then laugh! They also have a huge outdoor play ground with an area especially for toddlers (she's in the area in the top picture). She runs around or crawls in this huge play pen and attempts to avoid the other children running around like wild animals! I think it'll be good for her! A little "on the job training" for her future life as a walker!


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