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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Grandmas, continued

Zoe once again was treated to a Grandma Weekend! Everett's Mom came for a visit and we had a grand ol' time!

We spent most of our time playing. Or rather, watching Zoe play. She is really getting into her imagination lately and I love it! Although the weather didn't cooperate too well with us (we heard the tornado sirens on Saturday night, as did most of Middle TN!), we did spend Saturday outside at the Nashville Flea Market. And on Sunday we headed to the Opry Mills Mall for a little carousel action!

Mostly though, Zoe had fun playing with her G-ma. Zoe loved giving G-ma kisses and hugs, showing her all her dolls, and listening to her read books. The morning after G-ma left, Zoe kept asking for her. I sure wish we lived closer.

(I haven't told Zoe that she's going to get to see both G-mas plus Granny, Granddaddy, and Papa in a couple weeks. I think she might truly explode!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lucky Number 13

Since the last ultrasound, we've decided that Mango looks like Charlie Brown - you know, too big a head for such a little body! But that was way back in week 9! We're now in week 13 which "marks the end of the embryonic period. Most of the vital systems are developed now, and baby starts really growing, at times, growing as much as an inch this week." Holy cow head!

Mango is about 3 inches long right now and weighs about an ounce. Take out your ruler and see just how long 3 inches is - it's bigger than you think it is! And an ounce? It's little, but still substantial. It's 1/16 of a pound or the weight of 10 pennies!

Mango has all 20 teeth beneath his/her gums, has eyes that are a little more centered, and if Mango's a girl, she already has more than 2 million eggs on her ovaries. That's right, I could have 1/2 of my future grandchild's DNA in me as I type this. Whoa. Even more "whoa", this makes me realize that my Grandmother had 1/2 of my genetic material within her and that my Mom had 1/2 of Zoe's - and Mango's - genetic material with her! Double and triple whoa!

The end of week 13 also marks the beginning of the second trimester. You know, that blissful time in pregnancy when you stop feeling so ill and get some of your energy back. Well I'm happy to report that I'm well on the way to feeling great! I haven't felt ill in a while and I don't feel the need to crash and burn under my desk at work in the afternoon - which I did at least twice over the past few weeks!

And of course, my belly is a' poppin' with all this baby-making activity within my uterus! Enjoy the first "official" belly shot of this pregnancy! ha ha ha

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Aren't Moms great? I'm not saying that because I'm a Mom, but rather to say that my Mom is great! Zoe can let me know later on if she thinks I'm great, but until she can express this sentiment, I'll take her wanting to cuddle with me in the morning as proof that she thinks I am! But back to MY MOM...

Mom came to visit us this weekend and we had a wonderful time! I think Zoe almost exploded with excitement when she saw "G-ma" at the airport! "G-ma! G-ma! G-ma!" she exclaimed as G-ma gave her a big kiss and hug upon arrival. And then, "Papa?" Zoe was looking for Papa, but we had to tell her that "Papa was sleeping at his home" and she seemed alright with this explanation! As long as G-ma was here!

We had a pretty full weekend. On Saturday, we went to the zoo. We didn't tour the whole zoo, but did see the elephants and giraffes before we rode the carousel. Zoe once again picked the "ooh-ooh-ahh-ahh" to ride with G-ma. I think she was saying "ooh-ooh-ahh-ahh" in this picture! We spent the remaining time at the zoo in the playground. Zoe loved showing G-ma around the play area. We went from the toddler play area to the swings to the snake, hippo, and slides. A very busy day, indeed!

On Sunday, we feed the ducks at Shelby Bottoms and then played on the playground. Zoe loved to be pushed in the swing by her G-ma. I think between the swings at the zoo, at our house, and the park, G-ma pushed Zoe about a thousand times back-and-forth as she giggled with glee!

Besides playing with Zoe, Mom was a great big help to me (as always)!! She made a double batch of sauce complete with 5 lbs of meatballs, 12 sausages, and 6 potatoes (mmmm, potatoes in sauce are really good!). Then she made 4 trays of lasagna (we froze 3 of those bad boys for later consumption!). And I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that Zoe loves my Mom's sauce and meatballs! She had about 2 and a half meatballs for dinner for 3 nights straight! She just loves sauce! We even froze 2 ice cube trays full of sauce for Zoe to have for her future dinners. She's going to be one happy (and full) baby!

Mom also helped me by doing about 12 loads of laundry!! I know, I know, I had slacked off on my laundry duties because we were all sick and I was so tired from that and from growing Mango. So Mom to the rescue! She washed and folded everything! And did I mention she helped me clean my fridge?!

Thanks so much for everything Mom! I love you and can't wait to see you again!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Food issues

I'm hungry. I'm not hungry. I'm starving. I don't want to eat anything.

Ugh! Is nothing more infuriating than losing your love of food when you're supposed to be all good and healthy and on the blasted Pregnancy Diet?

Whatever. I just ate part of my lunch: diet coke, blueberry yogurt, and baked doritos. I know I'll eat more later, I just don't know when or what.

My taste buds are sad. Nothing tastes good to me right now. Everett grilled out some fresh asparagus this past weekend. It was lightly seasoned and beautifully cooked so that it was still crunchy, but not raw tasting. It should have been lovely to taste. Instead, I chewed and swallowed it. No tasting. Because if I did allow myself to taste the delectable green spear, I wouldn't have been able to chew and swallow. It just didn't taste good to me.

But on a more positive note, I asked my doc about some foods that I did not allow myself to eat while pregnant with Zuzu. Here's what she said (and by that I mean, what I can remember):

First: deli meat - a potential listeria playground. I can eat it if I zap it in the microwave for 10 seconds or have it toasted. As in I can eat an Italian BMT (can you substitute the turkey for the ham, please?) at Subway. Mmmmmm.

Second: red meat - really it's a problem with the meat being undercooked which is bad for mommies-to-be, although there seems to be a link now between women who eat a ton of beef during pregnancy and their future son's sperm count. Hmmmm. Well, I won't (and don't) eat that much beef, but my doc said there's no need to order my prime rib as my Mom does, which is "well-done, dead". Ew. I cringe whenever my Mom orders it like that because I don't like to eat leather. But, my doc seemed to indicate it was alright if the meat was a little pink. Yeah!

Third: sushi - parasites. Yup, your raw fishies have, or potentially could have, parasites in them. Which is bad for women who have parasites/fetuses in them. Although my doc said that because almost all the sushi in Nashville was probably frozen in transit to the restuarant before the sushi chefs cut it up and display it on a bed of rice drizzled with flavorful sauces and then present to you on a boat - not a dish - for my consumption, it was probably a good idea to forego the raw fish for now. She said I could have the cooked and veggie sushi, but without my unagi with its candy-like BBQ sauce or the simplicity of my yellow tail sitting pretty on some rice, why bother? Oh wasabi, I'll be back.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Elephant food"

So I promised you a story about the "elephant food". You see, our front walkway is surrounded by Elephant Food Plants, aka monkey grass. The monkey grass sprouts these blue berries (unfortunately, not blueberries) in the fall. These berries are tenacious and some are still hanging on.

At some point this winter, Zoe decided that these berries were elephant food. You can see a berry placed oh-so-delicately in front of the "ooh-ohh-ahh-ahh" (aka gorilla) in the third picture. I captured Zoe's hand in mid-delivery of the food to the elephant.

The first pic shows her "smiling" as she gathered the good stuff. The second pic is the dance that precedes the Laying of the Food. In the last pic I caught her mid-song. Something that goes something like, "ksduw aksdjkau skjdsifhy askdjwi". Or something like that.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Monday, March 09, 2009

Happy almost spring time!

What a beautiful weekend we had! After the snow we got last week and the Week of Ill we had in this house, the gloriously sunny weekend was just what the doctor ordered!

Last Thursday, Zoe got sick with a stomach bug of sorts. Then, she shared it with her Mommy because she loves her so much. I didn't want Everett to feel left out, so I passed on the germs to him. We were each sick as dogs for 4 days straight. Luckily, our illnesses progressed more or less serially, and not in parallel.

By Saturday, we were back feeling better and were ready to rock. So we headed to Home Depot to get supplies for "Zoe's Garden"! She loved picking the tomatoes last year so this year we've decided to give Zoe her own garden! We bought some tomato and green bean seeds and as soon as I told her they were for "Zoe's Garden", she didn't stop saying "Zoe garden, Zoe garden" to anyone who passed us by in the store! When we got home, we had fun putting dirt in the little containers and pushing the seeds down deep.

In addition to Zoe's Garden, I weeded the front! Man, did it feel good to pull up every single weed I could find by the roots! The OCD in me came out in full-force and I took advantage of it! Zoe "helped" me by placing the "elephant food" in the weed bucket (more on that in a later post). After the Great Weed Purge, we put down some dark brown mulch. In the end, we couldn't help but stand back and admire all the daffodils that made their debut this year on Saturday. These are the same bunch that I planted when I was preggers with Zuzu. Although I'm still sore 2 days later, the pain is worth it. Isn't that always* the case?

* Well maybe not always, but often.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My jeans are hurting me

I'm 10 weeks into this journey and I'm already starting to show!! I remember the first pregnant-with-Zuzu belly picture I posted, around week 14, and I swear I am already there! They say you start to show earlier the second time around since you're already nice and stretched out (brilliant). I don't have a camera, so no literal picture, but let me paint you this lovely one: my belly is imprinted with the face of the button and the internal stitching of my jeans. These fit me FINE last week! I may have to crack open my maternity clothes much sooner than expected!