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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Um, did we tell you?

So we have some news...we're pregnant! Oh wait, we already told you that. I guess what I've forgotten to mention over these past few months, is that we're moving! And not just across town, we're moving to Florida folks! Land of Strip Malls, Disney, white sand beaches, and the grandparents! We'll be living between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, in a house yet to be determined located in a city yet to be determined (but narrowed down to a few cities). So we won't be exactly down the road from the granparents, but at least we'll be in the same state.

We're planning on Everett transferring to the Miami office of his current company and I've been offered a faculty position at Nova Southeastern University. That's right - you can call me Professor now! I've been working towards this position since the spring of 1995, so you can see how excited I am that it's actually going to be my reality!

(Side note: the spring of 1995 was when I enrolled in Professor Hershenson's Perception class. In his lecture on motion perception, he showed us an illusion called the "motion aftereffect". You have probably experienced this yourself - look at something moving in one direction for a long period of time, then shift your gaze to a stationary scene and you will experience illusory motion in the opposite direction. Sometimes this is called the "waterfall illusion" because after you stare at the downward motion of a waterfall for some time and shift your gaze to the stationary land to the side of the waterfall, the land appears to move upwards. You can see a demo here to experience it yourself. Anyway, the professor showed us a contracting stimulus and then told us to look at his bald head. When we did, we all had the experience that his head was expanding right there in front of us! I couldn't help but think, "Wow, that is so cool. I want to understand why stuff like that happens for a living." That's when I decided I wanted to be a professor.)

We traveled down to Florida over Father's Day Weekend to check out the area. Zoe stayed with Grandma and Papa in Orlando and Everett and I met with a realtor on Saturday who showed us around 4 cities. We saw 9 houses in just about 4 hours. I'm still tired thinking about it! We saw some houses that were possibilities, but since we're not planning on leaving Nashville for a few months, we weren't looking too seriously. The point was for us to get to know the area, and for the realtor to get to know us and what we are looking for. In that respect, the trip was a success!

On Sunday, we traveled south to Miami to check out Everett's new workplace and city. As you can see from the pictures, Miami is a horrible place! The beaches are dirty and the streets are crowded and uninteresting. Yeah right! Our friend Bill (who also introduced us almost 6 years ago) showed us around. We spent the morning on South Beach, then headed into town to Espanola Way for some yummy lunch. Afterwards we walked the Lincoln Road mall, a pedestrian shopping/eating area. We had a great time and just kept thinking, "we're going to live here - how cool!"

I know what you're thinking - or what you would be thinking if you were us. By January, we need to sell our house, move, buy a house, birth a baby, and get ready for our new jobs (I will be teaching 4 classes starting in January, only one of which I have already taught). That's a lot going on in the ol' Gill Household! As of today, we have a buyer for our house, although we're still waiting for the last hurdle to be jumped. If all goes well, we close on July 31st! That means we'll need to find temporary housing until November when we plan on moving down to the Sunshine State. I have no idea where we'll be living from Aug-Nov right now, but I know it will be with my family. For now, that knowledge is enough not to send this Momma off her rocker...although I'm teetering!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Weighty issues

I had the pleasure of joining a first-time Mom in her first-ever visit to a maternity store last weekend. She had hit week 14ish and was ready to try on some "better fitting" clothes. I remember the first time I donned a maternity outfit. Those pants with the HUGE wide elastic bands and those shirts with an inordinate amount of material about the belly region really made me laugh! Surely, I would never be able to actually fit into these monstrosities! But fit I did. I even outgrew some of my maternity clothes in the end! I kept all of the clothes, and luckily I did because here I am in need of their services once again!

I think a few funny maternity clothes stories are in order. First up: my soft gray work pants with the adjustable waist line. These are awesome! They have a hidden elastic inside the waistline of the pants that adjusts with you as you grow - you just button up a few notches to cinch the belt to make it tighter and then let a few notches out to make it bigger. (Turns out they make kids' pants like this too - brilliant!) Last week, I headed to the ladies' room one more time just before I got to class for a lecture on olfaction (smell perception - you would have loved it GiGi!). As I left the stall I noticed that no matter how high I hiked up my pants, they were staying pretty loose! Somehow the elastic decided it would play hide-n-seek on me and escaped into the confines of my pants! I didn't know what to do - I had 2 minutes to get to class and get set up and there was no way that I could take the 5 minutes or so to slowly work the rogue elastic out of my waistband and re-fasten it to the sides of the pants. So I did all I could do - I quickly went back to my office and got a huge binder clip and clipped the sides of my pants together! I did it on both sides for good measure. Then I proceeded to class. All was fine until I sat down. The clip on the left side popped off as soon as I sat down! Luckily, I don't think anyone noticed!

My second story isn't really ha-ha-funny, but is more huh-that's-weird funny. At the end of my pregnancy with Zuzu, I bought a fun spring/summer skirt with bright orange and yellow flowers. It was one of my favorite preggy skirts. I thought I was crazy buying the x-large size at the time (I had been buying the regular ol' large size), but I was HUGE in my 9th month and the XL fit best and I bought it and I didn't care about the size label. Well I went to wear this skirt the other day and it practically fell off me! What's weird about the whole thing is that I'm pretty darn big now and the experience of putting on that skirt reminded me that in 3 short months time, I am going to grow exponentially!

Pregnant women obsess about their weight - I think it's because within a short time frame a women can gain a tremendous amount of weight! In the 40 weeks of being preggers with Zuzu, I got 19% bigger in terms of my weight! Sure, Zoe accounted for at least half of my weight gain, but still!

According to one website, here's where my weight gain will come from (in percentage of weight gained) with Mango - assuming s/he is tinier than Zoe was - they assume a fetus a full 10 ounces less than what Zoe weighed at birth!



Like I really needed the 3% bigger boobs! Oh well.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rebel with a cause

Watch out! Here comes Zoe! You can see that her Daddy and good ol' "Uncle" Aaron have been superb influences on her!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Season Pass for fun!

Thanks to a couple of our good friends, we now have season passes to Nashville Shores, Nashville's neat-o water theme park on Percy Priest Lake! Zoe loved playing in the 1 foot deep kiddie pool with her rubber duckie and Mommy (although to be honest, I think the Mommy part was optional for her!) and Everett had fun going down the water slides - especially the Music City Racer slide. The food there wasn't all that great - save for the Blue Bell mocha almond fudge ice cream - but now we know! We stayed for a few hours and then went home for naptime. It was a very nice way to spend the day indeed!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The girl's got gills!

Last week Zoe was treated to her first fishing expedition! We headed to Shelby Bottoms Park for the 7th Annual Catfish Rodeo. We got there at the tail of end of the event, but enjoyed our time fishing and feeding the ducks.

Everett was in 7th Heaven at finally being able to take his offspring fishing. In fact, I think he had just a tad more fun that Zoe did...and Zoe had a ton of fun! She really got a kick out of feeding all the ducks and birds (check out the video below). She kept telling them, "Come here little one! Come here!" Then she saw a pigeon and when I told her that her buddy Bert had a pet pigeon, I thought she might just explode with excitement! She then started to follow the poor pigeon trying to force feed it a slice a bread. It was quite entertaining!

But then the real excitement began! Daddy had somehow snagged a tiny brim with a kid-sized fishing pole and a smushed up piece of bread. I shouldn't have been surprised though - I've seen that guy catch a fish with nothing but a ziplock bag! Anyway, Daddy called Zoe over to reel in the fish. When it finally emerged from the water, Zoe looked at it as though she didn't know what it was. She was kind of smiling and kind of frowning. When Daddy took the fish off the hook to release it, she wanted to touch it before it went back in the water. She extended her pointer finger as far as she could away from her hand and squealed with delight as her skin made contact with the scaly beast. Then, as quickly as the fish arrived in her sight, it disappeared back into the great abyss. "Where'd the fishy go?" was all Zoe could say!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I have a(nother) BABY in my belly!

No, we're not having twins, the title of the post is in reference to the title of the post of Zuzu's complimentary profile picture back in Jan of 2007. For some reason, I have had that title stuck in my head forever. Whenever I think of the life within - either when Zuzu was in residence or now with Mango - I can't help but marvel that I have a BABY in my belly!!

Anyway, last Tuesday I got to see my little munchkin again (at 23 weeks)! They couldn't see everything they needed to at the last ultrasound, so we had to schedule another one for my visit last week.

And it was "my" and not "our" visit. Can you believe that Everett had to miss this one?! He's been out of town on business so much the last two weeks and we just couldn't coordinate the doctor's, the ultrasound technician's, and his work schedules so I had to go to the doctor all by myself. Well, Mango was with me, but it's not quite the same as having an outside-the-body companion! It was the first - and hopefully last - OB-GYN appointment that Everett has missed in 1.5 pregnancies. Not a bad record!

Anyway, I weighed in and gained a whole 6 pounds, putting my total net gain-age (is that a word?) at 9 pounds - right on track. I still think it's weird that I'm only 9 pounds heavier though since my belly is poking so far out now that it's hitting objects. I actually felt Everett's belly on my belly before feeling his lips on mine when he leaned in to kiss me before work the other day - this puppy is getting big!

Other than that, all was well with the visit. The u/s looked fine and I had nothing too new or exciting to report to the doctor. I did inquire about donating my placenta and umbilical cord blood after Mango and I are done with them. Why would one do this? Cord blood houses an enormous amount of stem cells which are the cells from which all other cells come from. I know some people think of stem cells as a divisive political issue, but whatever your feelings are on how they are obtained, there's no doubting that they could be the answer to some of the most devastating diseases out there including Alzheimer's Disease, Diabetes, and heart disease. Plus, stem cells obtained from a cord blood donation doesn't hurt anyone - if the material is not donated, it's thrown away.

My doctor gave me some information about donating to a public (as opposed to private) cord blood bank and I can't think of of reason to opt for throwing away my precious cord blood ripe with possibilities when I can donate it and it can hopefully do some good. The blood will either be put on a registry for potential recipients, or will be used for research purposes. This will be mine and Mango's first act as responsible citizens of the world. What a great way to start life!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Too cool for school

I took this picture of Zoe this morning...pigtails (a.k.a. two ponytails) and the sunglasses are just too much for this Momma!