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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Princess Zoeena

No matter what you do, little girls like princesses. They like to dress like them, sing songs about them, and read about them.

My Dad used to tell my sisters and I stories about Princess Leanna, Princess Madelena, and Princes Tara-ini who lived with King Ron and Queen Rose. These princesses went on such fun adventures! There were dragons and faraway lands, and probably a prince or two.

Zoe is now at the age where princess stories are requested on an almost daily basis. So Princess Zoeena and Prince Maximo go on some pretty crazy adventures. Zoe likes to dictate to me the exact adventures that these two wacky siblings embark on and you can bet they include going to the "spooky forest" to see the mean witch and/or the flying dragon.

I've tried to weave Queen Leanne and King Everett in there once or twice, but it's been met with fierce opposition. But if I try to leave Prince Maximo out of the storyline, I get a strict talking to! "Mom! What about Prince Maximo?!" Zoe just loves her Maxi.


At 10:50 PM, Anonymous Grandma B said...

It looks like Zoe is enjoying herself as the "Princess". Boy, what fun we had telling you all those stories and now Zoe is enjoying being the princess! Now you can have fun telling Zoe and Max the wonderful stories of Once Upon A Time! Love Zoe in her Tink Costume! What a cute fairy she is!


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