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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The zoo, Diego, and Daddy's rules

One of the things we really miss about Nashville, is the zoo. That zoo is seriously one of the nicest I've ever been to. But, we live in Florida now so it's time to find new favorite destinations.

We have 2 zoos to chose from - one in Miami and one in West Palm Beach. We visited the Miami Metro Zoo on one of the hottest days ever, but we met with with another family and somehow we had fun despite the over 100 degree weather. The covered bikes (and adult beverages) might have have something to do with that! Oh, and the splash zone for the kids was good to cool off.

This zoo was okay. It actually looked a little run down and didn't have much shade thanks to a hurricane that ripped through the park a few years ago. Such is the fate of Floridian destinations I suppose. The coolest animal we saw (in my opinion) and one I had never seen before was the condor. That's one LARGE bird! Diego is a smart one to pick those to fly on. Coincidentally, we also saw Diego (Dora the Explorer's cousin) there. He has a whole show there where you can go and meet him. We didn't stick around for the show, but we did see Diego riding in a golf cart. I felt for the poor sucker inside that humongous head!

And as if the blonde hair and blue eyes weren't solid enough evidence that Zoe is related to her Daddy, this picture proves it. Yes, Daddy encouraged her to break the rules just for the picture and then had to explain to her why it's okay to break the rules sometimes, but not others. Hmmm, we'll file that under "Daddy Logic".


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